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How Do I Terminate a Trust in Wyoming?

Parents have an irrivocable living trust. One lives in a nursing home in Lander, Wy, and the other in assisted living in Riverton,Wy. They would like to do away with the living trust since their situations have changed so much and have a simple will to take the place of the trust. What forms and steps do we need to take to accomplish this?

02/22/2010   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Wyoming   |   #21099

How Do I Prevent A Trustee from Evicting Me from Trust Property?

My husband died before he could give me use and possession of the home we live in. it was in his trust name. (life tenant) How can I get temporary use and posssession before his daughter who is trustee can evict me, before I raise the funds to buy the beneficiars out

02/16/2010   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Maryland   |   #20993

Can a Declaratory Judgment Be Requested Before a Trustee Files an Accounting?

can a order for declaratory relief be petitioned by a special needs beneficiary to compet an accounting if 60 days had not past since the request for an accounting against a trustee a case number is 2651215 I am the trustee of a special needs trust, the beneficiary is filing this petition against me for an accounting for which i have not had 60 days to produce from the d...

02/16/2010   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: California   |   #20991

How Do I Change the Trustee of My Trust?

I have a trust drawn up by my late husband who passed away 2007. His trust was transferred into a trust for myself. Donna Smith Revocable Living Trust. In the trust is the home that I still own in Oregon (rented now) and a piece of land in Oregon. Before he died, he had the atty change the deed to both of our names and then of course I inhereited it when he died. I have since m...

02/09/2010   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Missouri   |   #20888

Can I Demand to See a Copy of The Trust?

How do you get and atty that some one has had write a trust on your life, but will not give you a copy of same. I know state lawin NC, but i have two such cases, and it is drving me up the wall, I haev ask this to sevearl attys and they all reject my request for fraud. or contol of my life, is all this done, It was done by mybrothers, one who was in bakrupt and ask me...

02/02/2010   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: North Carolina   |   #20756

What Type of Trust is Best For Rental Income Properties?

I have 5 rental properties that I want to place into a trust for future generations.What is the best legal structure for this?

01/07/2010   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Arizona   |   #20335

How Do I Create a Testamentary Trust for a Disabled Child?

I need to set up a testimentary trust to protect the money we would like our son to have without jeoperdizing his eligibility to continue to receive social security disability and medicare and medicaid benefits. He is 34 years old and brain damaged from a single car accident. We take care of him, my husband and I.

12/30/2009   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: New York   |   #20244

Do I Need to Record a New Deed if Changes are Made to A Trust?


12/29/2009   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Michigan   |   #20232

Can I Transfer Partnership Assets into a Trust and Have a Partner Be a Trustee?

Hi, my name is Brian Heinz. I have 2 questions.1) I have 2 Nevada Family Limited Partnerships. Bith hold Real Estate Assets. My wife and I are presently both General and Limited Partners of both Partnership. 95% LP and 5% GP interests. I want stronger asset protection than what my FLPs provide. Soooo, I want to gift both our LP interest to a irrevolkable Trust. By doing this, e...

12/26/2009   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: California   |   #20188

How Do I Create a Trust in California?

Our mother passed away last year. There are three children, and we want to set aside her funds in a trust for the upkeep of the home. We have already made out checks to the, 'Grant Family Trust.' What forms do we need to put this into an agreement that will allow the bank to set up an account in that name, and so we can manage it?

12/14/2009   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: California   |   #20049
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