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How Do I Create a Trust for My Pet in Wisconsin?

I have a son who I wish to disinherit and want to set up a trust fund for my favorite rescues and maintenance for my surviving pets. What can I do legally to bring this about.

06/10/2011   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Alabama   |   #25005

Can a Trust Prevent Foreclosure?

Is thier a land trust that can stop home forclosures or bank auction for a while as long as the trust remaines active

05/07/2011   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: California   |   #24792

How Do I Create a Trust if I Live Overseas?

i am a US citizen who lives outside of the US. my wife is not a US citizen. how do i set up a legal trust to take care of my children. can i do this while overseas.

05/07/2011   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Michigan   |   #24790

What happens to the funds in a Millers Trust when the trustor dies?

We have a Millers trust account for my father and he has now passed away. We have settlement on his property coming up and am not sure if we should deposit the monies from the sale of the property into the Miller trust or his regular checking account. What do you advise?

04/07/2011   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Delaware   |   #24591

My mother was named trustee and beneficiary to a trust. She died, and her will left everything to my brothers and I. No we ne...

My mother was named trustee and beneficiary to a trust. She died, and her will left everything to my brothers and I. No we need a form/doc to name a new trustee by majority vote. I will be named the new trustee. The county of the court is Inyo if that makes a difference, but its California.

03/28/2011   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: California   |   #24516

How can a widower get jointly held property into a trust after spouse's death?

My Father and Mother own a home, both names are on the deed. Mother passed away, we want to put the house in a living trust under my father's name. How do we do this? How do we remove her name off the deed and transfer into the living trust?

03/17/2011   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Washington   |   #24435

How does a trustee sell the property held by the trust?

as an exec. of a trust estate to different people how do i go about selling this property

03/11/2011   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Arkansas   |   #24379

How Can i Set Up a Trust for an Irresponsible Child?

I have an afc ccount for my son in which inherited stocks and other funds have been deposited. He is about to turn 21. He is extremely immature. I want to protect the funds for the future for schooling and other health related expenses . Which kind of trust can I set up or rollover the account to protect these assets?

03/09/2011   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Pennsylvania   |   #24364

How Can I Leave Money to Be Paid Annually to My Son and Then a Lump Sum?

i want to leave 100k to my son,by putting it in an investment acct.i want $5000 annually transfered to his roth ira and the balance released to him when he turns 65,is there an avail.form to follow my wishes without spending around 1k for a trust thru an att.

02/26/2011   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: North Carolina   |   #24302

What is the Process for Appointing a New Corporate Trustee?

The beneficiaries of an irrevocable trust at PNC Bank Wealth Management would like to know the procedure the trust department uses to terminate an irrevocable trust with all interest and principle released to the beneficiary and moved to another firm without incuring legal charges against the trust.

02/15/2011   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Pennsylvania   |   #24229
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