My stepmother will not give me a copy of a Family Trust of which I am a beneficiary.

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Our father before passing told my sister and I that we were named in the Family Trust. Our step-mother is stating we are second beneficiaries and are not entitled to a copy of the trust or will until after she dies. Is this true?
10/28/2016   |   Category: Trusts   |   State: Illinois   |   #25800


We do not find specific statements concerning your entitlement to a copy of the Family trust. However, more than likely it is an Irrevocable Trust and as such you may be entitled to a copy. Many times the trust documents provide broad powers to the trustee to manage property of the trust. If you cannot get a copy of the trust in order to determine that the trustee is handling the trust in a proper manner and not wasting assets to which you may be entitled, you may want to contact a local attorney for assistance in getting a copy.