How long does an executor have before a will is read?

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How long does an executor have before a will is read?
01/31/2007   |   Category: Wills and Estates   |   State: Georgia   |   #1205


There is no set time. If an interested party believes that an unreasonable
delay is occurring, he or she might write a letter similar to the following:

As you know, ________________________ passed away and left a Will.
You are in possession of, or know, the location of the Will. Although I have
requested a copy of the Will from you I have not received one. As a child of
the deceased, I am entitled to a copy of the Will. In addition, the Will should
be admitted to probate and is not effective until probated. No property
should be sold or disposed of until the Will is probated and then only in
accordance with the terms of the Will and laws of the State of Georgia in
reference to the procedures and authority of executors to dispose of
property. Please provide me with the requested copy and I will contact you
to discuss how you intend to handle the estate.

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