What happens to someone's property who dies with no will and no heirs?

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Party A dies without a will, and is single and has no children. What will happen to Party A's property?
01/05/2007   |   Category: Wills and Estates   |   State: Alabama   |   #144


In some states, Party A's father will inherit half of the property, and Party A's mother will inherit the other half. If either parent is deceased, the siblings will inherit that parent's share. If a sibling is deceased but has left a child (niece or nephew), that child will inherit its parent's share, and so on. If a sibling is deceased and has left no children, the surviving siblings will take that sibling's share. If neither parent nor any of their descendants are living, the grandparents will inherit the estate equally. If either grandparent has died, their descendants (aunts, uncles, and cousins) will inherit the estate.

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