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Is a stepchild considered a child under Florida Probate Code?

My stepfather died leaving one child of his and me. He did not leave a Will but has raised me from birth. My mother died 5 years earlier. I consider myself a child of my stepfather. Am I a child under Florida law?

02/04/2017   |   Category: Wills and Es... » Stepchildren   |   State: Florida   |   #31545

Am I entitled to ex husband's retirement benefits?

Married for 18 years and then divorced . Husband had 15 years retirement benefits from . During our marriage. I did not receive any portion due to bad attorney advice. He has recently passed away and there is no spouse living. Am I entitled to this retirement benefits?

05/24/2007   |   Category: Wills and Es... » Stepchildren   |   State: Washington   |   #5908
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