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Can a person leave property in their Will to a revocable trust in Florida?

My Father made a revocable trust in 1999 and later made a Will. In his Will it states that the farm goes to the trust to be handed in accordance with the terms of the trust. Is this legal?

02/07/2017   |   Category: Wills and Es... » Trusts   |   State: Florida   |   #31741

How is a will different from a living trust and how is specific property devised?

My question is about estate planning. Is this form for a Will or for a Living Trust? Are not Trusts advantageous over Wills because of less taxation? Also, concerning the property declaration on 1556, if I list no specific property, is there a default division of my property among those named in my will?

11/17/2010   |   Category: Wills and Es... » Trusts   |   State: Virginia   |   #23660
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