What are the grounds for slander?

11/18/2007 - Category:Civil Actions - Defamation - State: VA #12468

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I was let go from my job, reason giving cause of money shortages at this business. Now I am being accused of taking this money. Which I did not do. Workers from this business are telling customers and my friends I was fired because I took money from this business. Do I have a slander case?


The following is a Virginia statute:

§ 18.2-417. Slander and libel. —
Any person who shall falsely utter and speak, or falsely write and publish, of and concerning any female of chaste character, any words derogatory of such female's character for virtue and chastity, or imputing to such female acts not virtuous and chaste, or who shall falsely utter and speak, or falsely write and publish, of and concerning another person, any words which from their usual construction and common acceptation are construed as insults and tend to violence and breach of the peace or shall use grossly insulting language to any female of good character or reputation, shall be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor.
The defendant shall be entitled to prove upon trial in mitigation of the punishment, the provocation which induced the libelous or slanderous words, or any other fact or circumstance tending to disprove malice, or lessen the criminality of the offense.

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11/18/2007 - Category: Defamation - State: VA #12468

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