Can someone be evicted for not paying my late fees?

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Can someone be evicted for not paying my late fees? This is information I need for my daughter who lives in California.


A tenant's lease may be terminated for a breach of the lease. A failure to pay late charges may be considered a breach of the lease terms if the lease specifies that such late charges will be due. Please read the lease agreement carefully to determine your rights and obligations in regard to payment of late charges.

Under California law, the landlord can terminate the tenancy by giving the tenant only three days' advance written notice if the tenant has done any of the following:

-Failed to pay the rent.
-Violated any provision of the lease or rental agreement.
-Materially damaged the rental property ("committed waste").
-Substantially interfered with other tenants ("committed a nuisance").
-Used the rental property for an unlawful purpose.

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05/12/2009 - Category: Lease Termination - State: FL #16646

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