What are the requirements for a minor to become emancipated in Mississippi?

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My daughter's ex-boyfriend who is turning 17 in September has stayed very close to our family since they decided to be friends. He is having an extremely difficult time living at home with his mother and step father. It is what most would call dysfunctional. The boy would like to move in with us and is currently holding down a full time job. While it concerns me to get involved, I would like to help and would be willing to have him as a responsibility but his mother will not hear of it and is now isolating him from my daughter and our family. Is it possible for this boy to gain legal emancipation from his parents and just come live with us until he has finished college? Would a court support him and grant this request in Mississippi?


In the State of Mississippi, the age of emancipation is twenty-one (21). There is no state statute providing for earlier emancipation. It would be a subjective matter for the court based on all the facts and circumstances involved. Earlier emancipation may be determined by a judge if the child marries, joins the military, or, in very limited circumstances, obtains other full time employment and establishes residency outside the custodial parent's home. Typically, when there is abuse in the household, neglect, a failure to provide parental duties of support, or other factors indicating the potential for harm to the child, a court may be more likely to find that emancipation is in the child's best interests.

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04/28/2009 - Category: Emancipation of Minor - State: MS #16240

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