What constitutes grounds for a lawsuit based on slander?

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Would the following constitute grounds for a lawsuit based on slander? I work as a RN at a hospital. I recieved a telephone order from a physician for a medication (morphine) after a patient had fallen and injured her head at the hospital. The patient ended up having a sub-dural bleed with complications and now the physician is denying that he ever gave myself the order for the morphine for head pain because he states it would have masked symptoms of the sub-dural bleed. He claims I falsely wrote the order down and gave without permission and my license may now come under review and I am being questioned by the lawyer for the hospital and he states they will " pull the telephone recordings for that night and find out the truth." I have a spotless record prior to this but now I may have to end up switching jobs and loosing my retirement benefits and my name I feel has now lost some credibility with the nursing staff and physicians which makes my job incredibly more difficult and I am put into positions each night where I have to continue to take this physicians patients.
10/26/2007   |   Category: Civil Actions ยป Defamation   |   State: North Carolina   |   #11019


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