Can our landlord divulge information about our finances to unknown people?

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Our landlord for our business had sent us an email regarding our rental payment that was returned by the bank. It contained many personal attacks against myself and my husband. The landlord though had CC'd on this email to 5 other people who have no dealings with our rental dispute. There were 3 people that I do not even know and they all live in our small town. The landlord lives in California. Is this allowed, can the landlord divulge this information to unknown people?
03/26/2011   |   Category: Civil Actions ยป Defamation   |   State: Washington   |   #24499


We cannot give legal advice, and are not forming an attorney-client relationship with you. The following is not a substitute for the advice of a local attorney. But we hope the information will be useful.

You may have a lawsuit for defamation. Libel is a written falsehood that harms a person's reputation, broadcast to other people. For a thorough discussion, see:

You will need to contact a local attorney (a plaintiff's attorney, also known as a personal injury attorney), show him or her the email, and discuss the possibility of a lawsuit.