What type of contract is needed for paying a finder's fee for new clients?

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I am a producer with a production company (LLC). I am creating a reality television series based on a person or a group of people. I have met a man who claims he can locate talent for me and make the introduction, however, he is not a talent agent nor does he have a license. In return, he would like to receive a percentage of my Producers Fee, if and only if, I use any of his contacts as a re-occuring Lead in my television series. Also, he is lives in Philadelphia but will be locating talent from all over the U.S. What type of legal contract can I give him so that he will introduce me to his contacts?
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A finder's fee is a fee paid to someone who acts as an intermediary for another party in a transaction. Finder's fees may be offered in a variety of situations. For example, an employer may pay a finder's fee to a recruitment agency upon hiring a new employee referred by that agency. A finder's fee may be paid regardless of whether a transaction is ultimately consumated.

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