How can we create a professional medical corporation in Louisiana?

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We are a Non-Profit Community Health Center and we plan to buyout a local pediatric practice. What documents need to be prepared and/or filed of record?
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In Louisiana, a business corporation may be formed in compliance with the laws governing several types of professions. The professional corporations generally are limited to their particular type of business, and may hold property for investment or in connection with their practice. The following professional corporations must contain the full or last name or names of one or more voting shareholders, former voting shareholders or members of a predecessor firm: law, dental, accounting, chiropractic, nursing and optometry. The following professional corporation names may comply with the above, or may consist of any name approved by the Secretary of State: medical, architectural, psychology, veterinary, architectural-engineering, occupational therapy, and social work . With the exception of architectural-engineering, all professional corporation names must end with a 'professional' ending.

If the non-profit entity was registered with the state, it may be necessary to withdraw or dissolve that entity before creating a new professional corporation.