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Can the Other Party Stop Me From Firing My Attorney?

How do we get rid of our attorney, who states the side we are suing objects to him leaving, this attorney also has a mortgage with the bank we are suing, and was practically working with them at our last court Appearance.need help.

12/13/2011   |   Category: Courts » Attorneys   |   State: Texas   |   #25571

How Can a Veteran Get Free Legal Aid in Society?

I am a disablled American Veteran rated at 70 percent by the VA. I live on a fixed compensation. I worry I may need legal assistance but not be able to afford it. Are there any legal aid organizations that help vets in my situation?

05/15/2011   |   Category: Courts » Attorneys   |   State: California   |   #24836

Is an Attorney Not Licensed in the State Allowed to Argue in Bankruptcy Court?

I have a foreclosure in New Mexico. The Lender I counter sued declared Bankruptcy in Delaware. A Texas law firm hired a Wilmington firm to represent them in the case. The Texas Lawyer will be arguing my claim on Thur. which is based on New Mexico law. Since he is not licensed in New Mexico, can he legally agrue the the New Mexico law in the Delaware Federal BK Court? If he...

02/22/2011   |   Category: Courts » Attorneys   |   State: Delaware   |   #24269

Can I prepare legal documents for others if I am not an attorney in Ohio?

Can a 'Document Preparer or paralegal working as a document preparer', (type) prepare the paperwork and documents for a individual acting as their own attorney, for divorce, child custody, etc., as long as the document preparer give absolutely 'no' legal advice.If so, is there any code number or such to support your answer.

01/20/2011   |   Category: Courts » Attorneys   |   State: Ohio   |   #24041

Can I File Pro Se to Remove an Adminsitrator of an Estate?

Do I need a lawyer to file a petition to show just cause to remove my brother as administrator of my mother's estate?

07/30/2009   |   Category: Courts » Attorneys   |   State: Nevada   |   #17872

Is it illegal to impersonate an attorney?

For the past several weeks my wife and I have been deluged with tons of junk mail -- all travel brochures. I'm fairly sure who is doing this and it's becoming a real torment. In desperation, I wrote to 2 of the convention & tourism bureaus in other states. However I led them to believe I was an attorney and that I needed the I.P. address of the computer where the original email...

05/10/2009   |   Category: Courts » Attorneys   |   State: New Jersey   |   #16625

What type of attorney would I need to start an online email business?

I have idea for new email service on-line. I need lawyer to represent me from day one to protect all concerned. Idea is a winner!

05/03/2009   |   Category: Courts » Attorneys   |   State: Nevada   |   #16525

What must an attorney do to clear themselves of a suspension of an attorney by Threat of Harm?

In a suspension of an attorney by Threat of Harm, is it possible for that attorney to continue representation of clients and what must the attorney do to clear themselves of the offense?

04/29/2009   |   Category: Courts » Attorneys   |   State: ALL   |   #16364

What type of attorney would handle a claim against my mortgage company for mishandling my account?

My mortgage company has mishandled my account, which caused my credit report to be damaged making it impossible to refinance. I attempted to rectify this problem by contacting the mortgage company numerous times with no success. They either could not figure out the problem or transferred me to the incorrect group. I have kept records showing when I paid my account but they sti...

04/28/2009   |   Category: Courts » Attorneys   |   State: ALL   |   #16250

What to do if I received inadequate legal counsel during my bankruptcy?

My wife had a business debt which was over $100,000 which she was sued for, she filed bankruptcy and received poor legal advice. The bankruptcy filing was denied because it was said she failed to produce accurate business was on the advice of the attorney that she did not produce the records (she had them). At any rate after losing the bankruptcy, the guy suing he...

04/28/2009   |   Category: Courts » Attorneys   |   State: Texas   |   #16229
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