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How do I respond to a lawsuit for credit card debt?

How to respond to Court for a lawsuit filed against me for breach of contract with a credit card company?

08/27/2010   |   Category: Debts and Cr... » Credit Cards   |   State: Florida   |   #23031

How do I respond to a summons served on a credit card debt?

I received a summons in the mail. I owe a credit card company $26,517.68. I stopped payments 6 months ago because of the reduction of income due to my wife's job loss. I do not understand what I am supposed to do. The language on the summons is 'A copy of an answer to the complaint within 28 Days after the service of this summons on you,exclusive of the day of service. Your an...

05/06/2010   |   Category: Debts and Cr... » Credit Cards   |   State: Ohio   |   #22032

Do I Need to Provide Employment Information to Settle A Credit Card Debt?

I am in negotiation with a legal collection agency regarding a credit card debt. They will not negotiate with me until they get my employment information. I have been served a summons and trying to settle out of court.I am out of time they will not lower the balance will accept 25% down and 25% monthly payments interest at 23% but I have to give them my employer info first. Do...

12/21/2009   |   Category: Debts and Cr... » Credit Cards   |   State: California   |   #20144

Am I responsible for credit card account opened without my signature?

My wife opened a credit card account in both of our names without my knowledge. She passed away in May 2008. I never was aware of this account until she passed. Now the credit card company is holding me responsible and has applied negative marks to my credit rating. She used my name and SSN in opening the account. The card company cannot provide me with a signature card. ...

11/18/2009   |   Category: Debts and Cr... » Credit Cards   |   State: Indiana   |   #19681

How Do I Sue a Person for Unauthorized Use of My Credit Card?

I have a step daughter who I allowed to use my credit card once in an emergency and she within a months time before I received my statement charged over $10,000 on limo's and cartons of wine. She did not have my card, only my credit card number. I did not want to charge her with fraud at that time as she said she would send me money however that never happened. I will do so...

11/01/2009   |   Category: Debts and Cr... » Credit Cards   |   State: California   |   #19402

Can a Minor Be Liable as an Authorized User of a Credit Card?

My sons credit report states that he has an unpaid credit card balance of 4000.00. After research we discovered that when he was 16 his daddy requested an additional card on his credit card account with my sons name on it so he could purchase gas. His daddy had defaulted on this account. Since my son was underage and did not sign anything can the collection agency do this.

08/04/2009   |   Category: Debts and Cr... » Credit Cards   |   State: North Carolina   |   #17937

How can I make my former domestic partner pay for credit cards he ran up in my name?

I have 2 credit cards that my ex domestic partner abused and now will not pay. What can I do to make sure my he pays them so it will not affect my credit as well.

05/28/2009   |   Category: Debts and Cr... » Credit Cards   |   State: Arizona   |   #16801

What recourse do I have against the prepaid credit card company for closing my account?

I had applied for a prepaid debit card for my tax return to be deposited. After I received my refund, they closed my account for the card stating that too many email addresses were used. So my account was closed without any notification. I had this card for 3 months before my refund was deposited and they stated that they waited until transactions were made to close the accoun...

05/05/2009   |   Category: Debts and Cr... » Credit Cards   |   State: Georgia   |   #16592

Can my credit card debt from 1996 still be collected?

I had a Visa (credit card) in 1996, it maxed out at $9,900, which I could not pay. In January of 2000, a law firm filled a judgment in New York against me for $23,000 plus accrued interest, lawyer fees, penalties, and etc. Is this still collectible? What recourse do I have?

04/28/2009   |   Category: Debts and Cr... » Credit Cards   |   State: New York   |   #16253

If someone secures a credit card in a ficticous name and pays the card, is this fraud?

A person using a fictious name (fictious person for name does not exist}receives a credit card offer for the fictious person and accepts.He then uses the card and makes monthly payments to the account.Does this become fraud and can it result in a legal arrest without a complaint by the card provider.

10/31/2007   |   Category: Debts and Cr... » Credit Cards   |   State: Florida   |   #11359
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