Is Spouse responsible for personal injury judgment against other Spouse?

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Since Ohio is a non-community property state how would this situation be handled: man & wife but they handle their finances separately. If man gets in a horrific at fault car crash but he doesn't carry insurance & there is for example a $1MM judgement against him. Could the courts also seize the wife's assets &/or garnish her wages? Are liabilities such as a judgement treated like property? And this can be separated (and hers protected) due to the Ohio non-community property laws? Thank you
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No. Your spouse is not responsbible for a personal injury judgment against you in Ohio.

in Ohio you are responsible for Necessaries under the Necessaried Doctrine specified in in R.C. 3103.03 such as medical expenses as expanded in Ohio State Univ. Hosp. v. Kinkaid, 549 N.E.2d 517.