Will I have to pay alimony if the only income I have is medical disability?

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I recieve medical diability payments from a previous job, and was wondering if I would have to pay alimony to the ex-spouse ? I thought that alimony wasn't subject to paying alimony.
04/18/2007   |   Category: Divorce ยป Alimony   |   State: California   |   #3193


Federal and state laws provide exemptions protecting some income sources from garnishment. Laws vary by state. Creditors typically can't garnish welfare, Social Security, unemployment, pension or disability checks. There are exceptions. For example, you're not likely to exempt income from garnishment when it concerns back child-support payments. Exemptions depend on the characterization of the income. I suggest contacting a local attorney who can review all the documents and facts involved in light of local law.

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