Can a parent kick a 16 year old out that does not want to follow the rules?

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Can a parent who has an uncontrollable teen (16) kick the teen out of the house? What are the consequences according to the law if the parent refuses to let the teen back into the house unless he/she follows the rules?
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Parents must provide their children with necessary food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. They also must provide supervision, discipline, and protection as well as support and education according to what they can afford. They cannot desert or abandon a child.

However, if a child is uncontrollable, a parent may ask the juvenile court system to assume responsibility over the child. A court may decide that such a child is in need of supervision, and the parent may be referred to the appropriate juvenile program. Once the court does this, the court will have authority over the child and can decide where the child will live and what the child will do from day to day.

Parents can also apply to have an uncontrollable child emancipated as an incorrigible if he/she becomes a discipline problem and the parent does not want to be held responsible for the childs behavior.

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