How do I limit the girlfriend of my ex-husband from contact with my children?

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What are the remedies, if any at all, to problems concerning a combative and desparaging significant other of an ex-spouse, in relation to the severe negative effects on the children involved? Briefly, the s-o is a 19 year old, dating the 34-year old ex husband. Maturity, alone is a huge factor, but additionally, mental and emotional negativity being created by this girl is blinding and happens on a daily basis. The children, not wanting to have to feel as if they are betraying one parent or the other, are in a constant state of turmoil during and after the visit with the father. The father, having let a nephew move in with him who molested my daughter, is completely controlled and influenced by the girl, creating impossible communications or parenting. So far, it looks like she will be around for a long time. I am not trying to keep them from him, only the girl. Aside from a restraining order against her, is there anything else that can be asked of the judge that he will possibly grant?
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The issue would generally involve the ex husband and his rights to see the children. The Court would consider all facts and circumstances in determining whether to limit the ex husband's rights to see the children and the girlfriend would be a consuderation. However, each case is unique and we cannot say what the Court would do or what other facts exist. The Court considers the best interest of the Children. If you feel you have a serious issue, you should take your facts to a local attorney for review and advice.

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