How Do I Ensure that My Ex Does Not Get Custody of Our Children Since They Are Scared of Him?

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I am a mother of four boys, and I am presently going through a custody battle with my ex- husband. He walked out on us in November of 1996, and I filed for custody of the four boys in the beginning of 1997. My ex-husband and I made a type of joint custody agreement by which he agreed to pay me $50.00 per week in child support. I have maintained custody of my sons since my ex-husband left. In April of 2006 my ex-husband and our 13 year old son had an altercation in front of my home, which was witnessed by neighbors and some of my son's friends. Because of the circumstances, my son did not want to go see him for awhile. My 14 year old also said that he did not want to see my ex- husband because of the altercation. My 13 year old was hurt and scared at the time, so I told him when that when he was ready to see and talk to his Dad again, to call him on the phone. I had my son checked out medically to make sure that he was all right. After the altercation, he had come into the house crying and holding his neck. I am afraid of my ex-husband because he was abusive in our marriage, although I never filed criminal charges. My ex- husband, in anger, has recently elbowed my son's throat, which the doctor said caused a contusion of the neck. My son also started having behavior problems at school. The behavioral specialist who worked with him at the school told me how my son has changed and is now trying to work on grades. My youngest son got into trouble at school for bringing a pocket knife to class. My ex-husband is trying to use these behavioral problems against me in the custody fight. He also uses the fact that I lived with my fiance against me, even though he has had relationships with other women. My boys want to live with me and just see him occasionally. How can I have the custody order changed?
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Please go to the following website which will answer most, if not all of your questions.