How Can I Divorce a Spouse Who Is In Another Country?

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I have a spouse that I have been seperated from since 2005. She took my son and went back to Japan. I don't have any contact with her. Can I still get a divorce without her signing the paper. I just need to know what do I need to do and all the steps to get a divorce. Can you help me please
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In some cases, where a divorce has been filed, but the defendant cannot be located, the court may allow service by publication and if an answer to the complaint isn’t filed, a default divorce may be obtained. Rules for service of process overseas vary depending on whether the person sought to be served is in the military and the country is a member of the Hague Convention or not.

Overseas divorce is a complicated matter and advice from a lawyer who specializes in international divorce matters should be sought. Advice will be needed in areas such as:

-jurisdiction, including the impact of admissions of residence and domicile on any tax planning or nationality
-applicable law
-the grounds for divorce and any prior period of separation
-likely financial orders
-disclosure requirements
-enforcement, in that jurisdiction and abroad
-procedure followed
-likely arrangements for children
-availability of legal aid
-publicity and confidentiality
-the projected time line for the proceedings
-projected legal costs

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