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Can a crisis pregnancy center require post abortion counseling as a condition of employment?

Can a crisis pregnancy center require post abortion counseling as a condition of employment?

05/11/2009   |   Category: Employment   |   State: Ohio   |   #16631

Am I entitled to back pay if I was forced to resign but was later reinstated?

If an employee resigns and is then reinstated, are there any rules for back pay for the time not working?

05/08/2009   |   Category: Employment   |   State: Nebraska   |   #16612

Can I terminate an employee for misconduct without warning?

I have an employee who questioned his commission check every month. My office manager would go over the totals and show him they were correct. She asked him to look at his totals daily so any correction could be made at that time. He would not sign the total tapes and turn them in. We gave the employee a letter stating that if the tapes were not returned at the end of the work ...

05/04/2009   |   Category: Employment   |   State: ALL   |   #16554

My wife needs me to act as her advisor when meeting with her employer about problems at work

My wife & I are both Doctors. She works for a medical corporation, she is having some problems. She would like me to be present during the discussions, as she feels intimidated. She doesn't want a lawyer. Is there a form where she can fill and sign to allow me to be present and help answer some of questions? More or less function as her advisor or representative in her presen...

04/29/2009   |   Category: Employment   |   State: ALL   |   #16446

Do I have grounds for a suit against my ex employer for wrongful termination?

I was employed by a bank who is an at will employer. I was let go because of lack of production (commercial lending). My supervisor held back legitimate business I had brought in. They were viable deals that would have resulted in meeting and exceeding my lending goals that were set for me. The only reason for termination was lack of production. Do I have legal recourse again...

04/29/2009   |   Category: Employment   |   State: ALL   |   #16405

If your employer requires you to be certified, is it your responsibility financially?

If a company requires you to go and get certifications for your job, are they required to pay for books, training, testing, and your time?

04/29/2009   |   Category: Employment   |   State: ALL   |   #16383

What are my rights when changing jobs within a company?

I would like to know my rights when changing a position from one department to another when it is with the same organization. I have officially quit one department and have formally accepted another position with anther department within the Hospital. There is no policy. My current director wants to hold me until they find a replacement. I would like to give two weeks notice....

04/28/2009   |   Category: Employment   |   State: ALL   |   #16344

Could I face disciplinary action for using supplements/prohormones?

I am currently employed by the U.S government in federal law enforcement. While I was in college, I used supplements/prohormones, up until the ban of prohormones in 2005. Now that you have my background. Here is my question? I am currently taking a product called Epidrol by Genera Supplements, it is sold by BodyBuilding.com, which is a legitimate retailer of nutritional s...

04/28/2009   |   Category: Employment   |   State: ALL   |   #16316

My employer does not have a saef place for employees to park while at work

My employees and I work for an organization in which we are required to park about a 1/4 mile away from work, which at face value isn't an issue. The problem arises in which the conditions that we are met with are anything less than exceptional. Employee's cars have been damaged and broken into. As well as employees being harassed by others. Now we are all servers at this busin...

04/28/2009   |   Category: Employment   |   State: ALL   |   #16271

Can I take legal action if a false harassment claim cost me my government contracted job?

I was accused of harassment by a co-worker stemming from a relationship I had with her. Management has informed me that they will not take any action now, but if any further allegations are made, they will. I work for a contracting company on a government contract. My understanding is that the government can request removal of individuals at will. I do not believe I am guilty ...

04/28/2009   |   Category: Employment   |   State: ALL   |   #16245
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