What can we do if the landlord refuses to make needed repairs to the house?

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My husband and I have been renting a house and we were planning on purchasing it. Unfortunatly the house has many repairs that no bank will finance. The landlord has had the utilities in his name and when we explained to him that we were unable to finance the house until he fixes the problems in the house he had our gas disconected with out notifing us a head of time. We thought that we could just get the Gas turned on in our name but the gas company will not turn on the gas because there is a gas leak in the basement and until that is fixed. We have been there since January and he has not fixed any of the things that are listed in the lease. Now we don't have any Gas.
05/08/2007   |   Category: Landlord Ten... ยป Repairs   |   State: Ohio   |   #4139


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