How Can I Make Sure My Home is Deeded to Me When the Owner Dies?

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I have been living in a condo making all payments, improvements, keeping it up to value and I was led to believe that it would be named as my property in the trust. It is in my mothers name due to a divorce and legal problems, so it was never transferred to my name. The taxes were never included in payment so my mom made them. I now give her money every month for taxes and insurance. I am concerned about when my mom passes, she is now 85 and will not talk to me about transferring and what is going to happen to my home. I believe that she is just being difficult and controlling. I send her a check every month for taxes and put tax payment. Is this enough to protect me or what do I need to do?
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A contract to make a will which contains a promise to leave property in a willl may be enforceable if the gift in the will is to be made in exchange for services or other value provided by the heir. By signing and recording a beneficiary deed, an owner of an interest in real property may cause the owner's interest in the real property to be conveyed to people or entities on the owner's death.
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