Can I renounce the property rights in Louisiana?

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My great grandfather had a vineyard and it has been inherited to my father and now it has come to me. I am doing an export business and unable to concentrate on the produce and income from the vineyard. So I want to renounce my rights in this property. Am I entitled to renounce the property rights?
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In Louisiana, you may disclaim the rights in property. Renunciation must be express and in writing.
Statutes in this regard are given below:
La. C.C. Art. 963 
Requirement of formality
Renunciation must be express and in writing.
La. C.C. Art. 964 
Accretion upon renunciation in intestate successions
The rights of an intestate successor who renounces accrete to those persons who would have succeeded to them if the successor had predeceased the decedent.
La. C.C. Art. 947 
Right of successor to accept or renounce
A successor is not obligated to accept rights to succeed. He may accept some of those rights and renounce others.