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What is an Order for Relief of stay and abandonment property in my chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

I got a order of relief of stay and abandonment property in my chapter 13 Bankruptcy case in the mail today that claimed there was a motion filed on May 2nd we never got notice what is this

05/25/2017   |   Category: Bankruptcy   |   State: ALL   |   #37846

Can a Judgment for Fraud be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

If I notarized a signature on a deed which turned out to be not the person who she said she was, the mtg co sues me for their loss, can the debt be discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I had no idea she was fake doing a scam on a bank.

04/30/2012   |   Category: Bankruptcy   |   State: Michigan   |   #25668

How Do I Object to Discharge in Bankruptcy?

My wife and I own a first trust deed on a summer vacation cabin which is serviced by a title company--Pioneer Title Agency, Inc. We received notice from the title company that the buyers (debtors) have filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The title company assures me that the note is paid up currently. I have attempted to contact the bankruptcy trustee bu t have not heard back. A ...

04/11/2012   |   Category: Bankruptcy   |   State: Arizona   |   #25653

What is the difference between foreclosure and bankrupcty?

Foreclosure versus bankruptcy

01/26/2012   |   Category: Bankruptcy   |   State: Washington   |   #25603

Can Unemployment Benefits Be Garnished?

Hi. i'm like many others struggling financially in this tough economy. i'm currently receiving unemployment. i don't own any property except my 1998 Honda Civic and i rent an apartment. I've been trying to save money to hire an attorney to file for bankruptcy. for roughly about a year now I haven't been able to pay my credit card and personal loan bills. One of the credit card ...

09/07/2011   |   Category: Bankruptcy   |   State: California   |   #25477

Can a Bankruptcy Trustee Avoid a Divorce Settlement?

I am married, undergoing the lats few months of a bankruptcy, but am completely unhappy. Friends have offered me a place in their country with a possibility to start over, but it's a limited time offer. I'd like to just leave and file for divorce after I leave to avoid the horrendous arguments I know would ensue, but don't know how that would affect the bankruptcy, or the di...

08/26/2011   |   Category: Bankruptcy   |   State: Tennessee   |   #25405

Do I Have to Include a Spouse's Income When Filing for Bankruptcy?

I am considering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I am married but filing alone. By business debt is $98,000 and non business debt $89,000. I understand I might not have to MEANS TEST because I have more business debt than consumer debt, but my wife & I have a combined income of $178,000 out of which mine is only $12,000 and right now I am unemployed.After all our expenses including the ...

08/16/2011   |   Category: Bankruptcy   |   State: Illinois   |   #25334

Can I ask for a new judge in my bankruptcy case?

A Judge in a chapter 7 Bankruptcy case, have refused to hear a Docketed MOTION, filed as pro-se, the case is open and the MOTION is docketed, Judge says in an E-mail reply to me, I quote 'Mr. Hussain, there was no hearing on your case on 8/1/11, and there are no hearing pending in the Bankruptcy court, I noticed you have an appeal in your case , you might want to check the Dist...

08/12/2011   |   Category: Bankruptcy   |   State: New Jersey   |   #25315

What remedies are available if I believe my bankruptcy trustee did not handle a debt properly?

I obtained a student's loan for my son = $11,795 in 1996. filled for chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 1999. Chapter 7 trustee did nothing to stop collection, as a result the loan of 11795 becomes very large due to interest penalties and collection costs added = $29493 in 2009. Trustee before submitting his final closing accounts in 2009 pay = $20,513, leaving a balance of $9483/. this ...

07/24/2011   |   Category: Bankruptcy   |   State: New Jersey   |   #25228

Can I ignore a judgment that should have been discharged in bankruptcy but still shows on title?

I have a discharged ch. 7 3 1/2 years old, it contains a 'not satisfied ' judgement and a title co. wants to know the 'legality' because I do not want it on our title report of the house we are about to buy. Does this make sense ? I thought this debt was now uncollectible and should now be ignored ..

07/23/2011   |   Category: Bankruptcy   |   State: Washington   |   #25223
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