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When Does a Notice of Intent to File a Mechanics Lien Need to Be Filed in Colorado?

The filing of this notice extends the time the lien claimant may file a lien statement to four months after completion of the project or six months after the filing of the notice, whichever comes first. C.R.S.__38-22-109(4)-(10). Does this mean that if a Notice of Intent was filed, then the lien can be filed up to 6 mos after the date of the Notice of Intent, regardless of whe...

03/24/2010   |   Category: Contractors » Construction...   |   State: Colorado   |   #21528

Can a Subcontractor Collect Payment from a Homeowener in Wisconsin?

My brother was the contractor on the job, and I was a sub doing supervision and finish carpentry work. I do not have a signed contract with him, just a verbal. We used my credit to get materials for this job. I paid for all materials and some sub contractors to keep this job moving and to secure payment of a finished project. My brother has not paid me for all of the materials ...

03/14/2010   |   Category: Contractors » Construction...   |   State: Wisconsin   |   #21383

How Do I Correct a Mistake on a Mechanics Lien I Filed on Property in Texas?

I filed a Mechanics Lien. However I stated that the property owner owed me for a septic system, but it should have stated that he owes me for a water well. How do I change that?

02/12/2010   |   Category: Contractors » Construction...   |   State: Texas   |   #20932

How can I collect monies owed for work I did on stepson's property?

Its been two years + and I and my step son had a verbal agreement for me to do repairs to two differrent homes. The agreement was if I do the work he would supply the materials, but me and my wife (his mother) needed to make the payments on the property because we were living there at the time in order to make the repairs. Once the rework was done he would sell the properties a...

02/11/2010   |   Category: Contractors » Construction...   |   State: Ohio   |   #20928

Can I Go to Jail for Spending the Insurance Proceeds and Not Paying the Roofer?

Being threatened by roofing company for theft of services and a mechanics lien against my house because I spent the insurance check. What do I need to do to remedy this matter. I am disabled and do not get much money monthly. Told the company I could pay 50 a month they said no. I then told them I could pay 500 they said they would talk to their attorney. The amount is approx.7...

02/06/2010   |   Category: Contractors » Construction...   |   State: Texas   |   #20821

How do file mechanics or construction lien on commercial property in Florida?

How to place a lien against a commercial property by a contractor. We did $5000.00 worth of work and paid our subcontractors but never received payment from customer. How do I place a lien against that property? Thanks.

02/05/2010   |   Category: Contractors » Construction...   |   State: Florida   |   #20814

How do I prevent a lien on my property when my tenant had contractor improve the property?

Release myself from responsibility and/or lien put on my house for any unpaid money for work down to my house. Do I need to hire a lawyer to write this up or can I purchase a form and have it signed by my tenant and any known contractors. My tenants have hired and paid a tile contractor and hardwood floor contractor to put in floors. My tenants have singed a contract stating...

01/15/2010   |   Category: Contractors » Construction...   |   State: Idaho   |   #20465

Can a Contractor Threaten to File A Lien and Refuse to Provide A Written Contract in Georgia?

I have a roofing contractor that provided services, but has yet to provide an actual contract , estimate, and warranty. I've paid enough to cover his actual costs for materials and possibly enough for labor. He has steadfastly refused to provide the info I require and has made reference to possibly placing a lien for more than 10 times amount of the actual materials on my hom...

01/06/2010   |   Category: Contractors » Construction...   |   State: Georgia   |   #20319

Do I Have to Pay a Subcontractor to Avoid a Lien Foreclosure After I Paid the Contractor in Full?

A contractor has filed a lien against my wife and I because our roofer did not pay for supplies. We have been told they will foreclose on our house to get payment. We have paid the roofers in full. We are in Colorado where the lien trust fund statute exists. How should we proceed? Pay the supplier and sue the roofer for the money we paid out + attorney fees? Is it worth i...

12/24/2009   |   Category: Contractors » Construction...   |   State: Colorado   |   #20177

How Do I Protect My Property Against Claims of Subcontractors in Ohio?

I have contracted with a Builder in Ohio to build a house. He claims he does not get waiver of liens from his subcontractors. The lender only does a mechanic's lien search before each draw and does not require a waiver of lien from the builder. Is this right? I do not want to get stuck with a subcontractors lien against my new home.

12/17/2009   |   Category: Contractors » Construction...   |   State: Ohio   |   #20107
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