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Do I Have to Return the Security Deposit if the Tenant Occupies Unsealed Space?

My tenant is suing me for 700 security deposit. I kept it because I rented him a room,not a room, garage and office. I hit his car in my garage costing my insurance to go up,and asked him several times to vacate the additional room He was using as an office?

07/18/2010   |   Category: Landlord Tenant   |   State: California   |   #22696

Am I Liable for Assignment of a Lease By Paying Rent for a Friend?

My ex boyfriend signed a 1 year commercial lease. I wrote a personal check for the first 3 months. He refused to pay, so I left a message for the landlord that he was breaking the lease. The landlord sent me a letter from his lawyer. I called the lawyer and he said because i paid with my checks, I am now also responsible for the rest of the rent, or I will be sued. Is this ...

07/10/2010   |   Category: Landlord Tenant   |   State: Pennsylvania   |   #22640

How Do I Evict a Person Who Stayed Without Paying Rent?

I allowed a prospective renter to move into an apt upstairs in my residence. he stated he was waiting for a check that his employer had sent to a motel he was living in and that he wanted to move right away as he had adopted a dog abandoned in that motel. i allowed him to move in with his promise of rent and security within days. He next stated he had been fired as he was ver...

07/08/2010   |   Category: Landlord Tenant   |   State: Florida   |   #22623

Does a Landlord Have to Give a Tenant a Written Lease?

I need help on Landlord/Tenant law. I have a landlord who doesn't believe in the law. What can I do about a person who is ignorant of the law and who says he doesn't have to have a written contract after 8 years of renting to me. He also says he can make me work for him without compensation and he has raised the rent whenever he feels like it. The law says he can't and it can't...

07/05/2010   |   Category: Landlord Tenant   |   State: Pennsylvania   |   #22588

Can I Be Denied a Co-Op Apartment in New York Based on Source of Income?

I live in co-op apartment owned by my parents and have been maintaining the place for 7 years. I pay the maintenance by my personal check. My parents want to add me to the paperwork as joint tenant with rights of survivorship. The co-op managing office says that might be a problem because my source of income is permanent disability. However I do also have assets in the bank...

07/01/2010   |   Category: Landlord Tenant   |   State: New York   |   #22532

Can I Terminate a Lease Early Due to a Difficult Commute?

Is it possible for a new resident to terminate a lease early in Massachusetts due to an unexpectedly difficult commute? The lease has a provision for early terminating that requires a fee equal to 2 months rent and 60 days notice (essentially requiring you to pay 4 months rent for 2 months) for early termination. Just wondering if it is possible to terminate with notice, but wi...

06/21/2010   |   Category: Landlord Tenant   |   State: Massachusetts   |   #22436

Can I Get the Fence Back if I Agreed to Let a Later Tenant Use It?

We rented a house in Oregon, moved out less than a year ago. When we moved out, we told the management company we'd be taking our fence. The new tenant thought about buying it from us and we agreed to let her just use it for awhile.The tenant never bought it, moved out soon thereafter. We're in a small town and I have done some Pro Bono work for the management company meanw...

06/18/2010   |   Category: Landlord Tenant   |   State: Oregon   |   #22423

Can I Enforce the Lease as a Landlord if I Don't Own the Property?

Can a husband file a civil suit against renters for rent and damages if he is the landlord on the contract but not on the title of the house in Michigan?

06/05/2010   |   Category: Landlord Tenant   |   State: Michigan   |   #22316

Is a Landlord or Tenant Responsible for a Building Code Violation?

Can a landlord hold the tenant responsible to put in 25 sprinkler heads to meet the fire code when there were no sprinkler heads in place when he moved here. Isnt it a legallity to have those when a tenant moves in already? Thanks

05/26/2010   |   Category: Landlord Tenant   |   State: Florida   |   #22237

What are My Rights as a Tenant in California Without a Written Lease?

I live in Campbell, California, and i have been renting a house for appx 2 years now without a written agreement. Push has come to shove, and i need to know my rights as a renter

05/15/2010   |   Category: Landlord Tenant   |   State: California   |   #22128
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