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How Do I Get a Divorce in North Carolina?

I would like to buy a house for myself in a few months. My husband and I are separated, but not legally. I would like to know the steps I have to take to get the divorce process started. We agree on getting a divorce and have no kids, no home together, and no assets. What do I have to do? Should I get a lawyer for us or should we do it ourselves using online resources?

06/23/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: North Carolina   |   #17155

What Are the Residency Requirements for Filing a Divorce in California?

My spouse and I have been separated for 4 years now. I have been in Afghanistan working for the past 6 months. My new residence when I am back in the U.S. will be California. She still lives in Fulton County, Georgia. We separated in Georgia where I lived until December 2008. I want to pursue my divorce while I am here via California my new U.S. residence. I was told I have to ...

06/10/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: California   |   #16918

Is there someway two parties can settle a divorce dispute without having to appear in court?

My daughter and grandsons live in Georgia with my wife and me. She's getting a divorce from her husband who lives in Texas. They're suppose to be in court in Texas on Thursday, but they have just now come to an agreement on everything. At this point, is there a way that the two of them could both sign a form to keep her from having to go to Texas since they are now in agreemen...

06/08/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Georgia   |   #16904

What are the requirements to become divorced in New Jersey?

My ex-husband and I never had a legal separation. Our divorce was pushed through in 8 days for divorce from the state. I filed 10/24/2000 and we were divorced on 10/30/2000 in the state of New Jersey. Would our divorce be null and void since we were never legally approved by the courts to be separated? Isn't it true separation in NJ to be at least 18 months or 6 months then the...

06/07/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Arizona   |   #16884

Do I have to notify my ex-husband that I am remarrying since we have a child?

I have sole custody of my daughter. My ex husband is mentally ill and was in jail several times for aggravated stalking of me. He is now in Tennessee on probation. I am getting re-married and want to know if I even have to tell him. I am concerned for my daughters safety and mine. We still have an active restraining order of no contact.

06/01/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Florida   |   #16836

What are the requirements for a no fault divorce with no debt or children?

What is required for a no-fault divorce on the grounds of desertion by the wife, no property to be divided, no children, with the spouse living in another state? She wants to revert to her maiden name.

05/04/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Mississippi   |   #16561

Does a divorce contain an automatic restraining order?

If my sister divorces, is there an automatic restraining order between her and her husband, because they have agreed he can stay in the 5th wheel on the property, and is fearful she would put him in jail for breaking the restraining order, note: there is no past or current restraining order.

05/04/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Colorado   |   #16555

Are there any special rules for my divorce if my spouse is overseas in the military?

I am a military spouse filing for divorce. Are there special rules that apply? My spouse and I were born and raised in Gadsden, Alabama, he currently pays state taxes. We have been legal residents for 40 years. He is currently stationed in Germany. Set to move back to the states in April 08.

05/04/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Alabama   |   #16552

How can I get my soon to be ex husband out and have him pay his part of the rent so I can remain?

My husband, myself and our 2 year old, are renting a house for $1,400 a month + utilities. We have a 2 year lease, but have been here only one year. We are divorcing (uncontested) and my husband has been emotionally and verbally abusing me and our son for weeks. He no longer comes home till 9:00 at night. He stays out till the morning hours on weekends, and spends no time wit...

04/29/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: ALL   |   #16448

My wife withdrew my son from school and left the state without my consent

My spouse and I had separated but not yet filed for divorce. Without my knowledge, she took my son out of school and fled to Indiana. What can I do?

04/29/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: ALL   |   #16388
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