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How does my wife get out of ordered visitation by the court if she no longer wants visitation?

My wife and I have paid out around $40,000 in lawyer fees and are broke financially and emotionally. We need out of the system. My wife wants to end all fighting through the courts, but is stuck. She has court orders to follow concerning her daughter and visitation. My wife is choosing not to be involved any longer. How does she get out of the system? She has lost custody...

05/03/2007   |   Category: Divorce » Visitation   |   State: Ohio   |   #3711

What can I do if my child's father did not return the child from visitation?

I was wondering what the truancy laws were in Nebraska. The father of my 11 year old child did not return her on her April 13th visitation and she has not been in school since. I was wondering what the laws were for truancy and isn't this child neglect? Can child protective services be called in on him? And, will he face any punishment by anyone or can he if someone presses cha...

04/24/2007   |   Category: Divorce » Visitation   |   State: Nebraska   |   #3292

How can I force my ex to follow the court order for visitation set by the court?

My ex wife was given an order not to see the kids until she followed the right process. Now, the case has been closed and she keeps coming to see the kids when I am not home. What form do I file to show just cause that she should not be held in contempt for the violation?

04/09/2007   |   Category: Divorce » Visitation   |   State: Florida   |   #2835

Where can I find do it yourself visitation forms?

How to find visitation forms and print them?

03/26/2007   |   Category: Divorce » Visitation   |   State: Ohio   |   #2178

How do I receive visitation rights to see my six year old son?

How do I receive visitation rights to see my six year old son?

01/31/2007   |   Category: Divorce » Visitation   |   State: New York   |   #1444

What exactly is standard visitation?

What exactly is standard visitation? How is it broken down, and does the noncompliant parent have visitation rights when he lives out of town and does not pay child support? What can I do to limit his visitation? We were never married and he left the kids with me three years ago to move to California. Now he is stating he wants the children all summer, every school break and ho...

02/08/2007   |   Category: Divorce » Visitation   |   State: Wyoming   |   #584

Can a party file a divorce suit in Maryland if the ground for the divorce occurs out-of- state?

I am a native of Maryland. For the past 8 years, I have been living with my husband in Illinois, but our relationship has not been smooth. I am thinking of getting a divorce. Can I file a divorce suit against him in Maryland?

01/17/2017   |   Category: Divorce » Where to File   |   State: Maryland   |   #30394

Can I sue her to get her back in South Carolina if my wife moved with our children?

My wife and i have been separated and are in the process of divorce. She moved to Ohio to our second house when we were separated. I have been asking her to come back to South Carolina for several months, and she now has enrolled our five year old in school in Ohio. I own a large company based in South Carolina and am very busy. I don't know how I'm gonna see my children. Can ...

08/06/2007   |   Category: Divorce » Where to File   |   State: South Carolina   |   #7744

How do I divorce my husband who was deported 10 years ago and I have not heard from since?

My husband left town, possibly the country, he was deported, about 10 years ago. How can I divorce him? He has never made an attempt to contact me.

01/03/2007   |   Category: Divorce » Where to File   |   State: California   |   #68

Where do I need to file for divorce, the state I was married or where I live?

I was married in Cambridge, Maryland. Do I have to go to Cambridge, Maryland to get a divorce or can I file papers in Delaware or anywhere in Maryland.

01/03/2007   |   Category: Divorce » Where to File   |   State: Delaware   |   #65
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