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Can I Ever File for Divorce Again if My Divorce Was Dismissed With Prejudice?

My lawyer dismissed my divorce case b/c I thought we were going to reconcile. He dismissed with prejudice. Does this mean i cannot ever refile?

02/21/2010   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: New Jersey   |   #21062

Can I divorce my wife while she is pregnant and believe the child is not mine?

I have been married nearly five years, my wife has been living with a 'friend', that she swore wasn't a sexual relationship for the past three months. Just yesterday she informed me that she is pregnant, I am 99% sure it isn't my child because we used a condom the one time we had sex while she wasn't living at home. I want to file for divorce, but I was told that until the chi...

02/05/2010   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Ohio   |   #20810

Can my husband refuse to let me come home after living separately?

After a 17 year marriage, I left to a bordering state one year ago with the intention of divorcing after children were away from home. There was no legal separation. I have been in constant contact and go to the house to see our children. My spouse and our 2 minor biological children live in the house we still own together. I am now unemployed w/ no resources and want to move b...

02/04/2010   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Washington   |   #20797

Where Should a Divorce Be Filed if the Spouses Reside in Separate States?

Have been separated since 2003. Husband lives in CA. Has property in AZ in his name . I also have properties in AZ. in my own name. Do I file for divorce in AZ or CA? If I have a living trust leaving my property is to my Children can he get property?

01/14/2010   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Arizona   |   #20444

Can a Divorce Decree Be Back Dated if Not Properly Finalized?

I recently got married, but found my divorce to my first wife was still not honored. Can i finish this divorce in New York and have it back dated before my current marriage?

01/01/2010   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Georgia   |   #20260

Does Having Conjugal Relations After Divorce Void the Divorce?

My husband and I were divorced April of 2007. I have dated no one else, neither has he. We have continued to have relations and he pays for my pager and cable. Did we nullify our divorce by consummating it and never being with anyone else? He has also kept me on his health insurance since the 'divorce' in April of 2007.

12/29/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: California   |   #20234

What Court Has Personal Jurisdiction if the Spouses Reside in Separate States?

My husband and I resided in SC when we were together. I am now a resident of Arizona and have filed for divorce in AZ. We have a daughter that was born in AZ since our separation. My husband is claiming that AZ does not have personal jurisdiction over him and has filed for divorce in SC and wants all the financial aspects of the divorce handled in SC. He is not contesting AZ j...

12/28/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Arizona   |   #20217

How Can I Get Low Cost Legal Help in Washington?

I am confused more than I can imagine. I thought when you have to go to court, and it involves 2 people in a divorce, that each person is guaranteed by the constitution to have notice of the court appearance and that both would be required to be in attendance (WA state). In my divorce, after 26 years, 2 children, life as a wife, I never made more than $14,000.00 in 1 year, but ...

12/27/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Washington   |   #20196

If I file for legal separation, can I file for divorce anytime afterwards or is there a waiting period?

If I file for legal separation, can I file for divorce anytime afterwards or is there a waiting period? If after three months and circumstances do not change, can I file for divorce and will there be additional waiting period before final divorce?

12/22/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: New Mexico   |   #20155

Can A Florida Court Apply California Divorce Law?

Hello, I was married in California 3 years ago. My husband was in the Navy but now is in the reserve. He is living in Pa with his girlfriend now and I am now in Florida. We have no kids. Do I have to file for divorce in California in order to get what ever benefits Ca marital law would allow or may I file in Florida and still receive what I would have gotten in Ca.

12/14/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Florida   |   #20055
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