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Difference between divorce and legal separation.

What is the difference between a legal separation and a petition for divorce?

08/14/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Louisiana   |   #18085

Military wife seeks separation and custody of child

I am a resident of Iowa but married to military personal and live in Florida. I had a child in Florida but paid taxes last year to Iowa and his place of residence. I want a legal separation and take my child out of the state of Florida and move home without having my husband say I have kidnapped my child. What do I need to do to leave with my child and file separation?

08/07/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Iowa   |   #17985

Party to divorce asks what sanctions may be applied to lawyers?

When it takes 3 1/2 years to get a divorce and then the financial bits and pieces are not finished 2+ years later, what can the client do pertaining to those lawyers involved?

08/01/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Virginia   |   #17897

How Will Divorce Affect Me in South Carolina?

I have not lived with my wife for 3 years and still pay all the household bills and her car, car ins. etc. We have not filed for seperation because she wants to wait for our 17 yr old daughter to graduate high school this year. I have asked for a divorce several times. I have have concerns about assets aquired since I moved from the marital home, and also if I am responsible to...

07/29/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: South Carolina   |   #17865

Can I Be Considered Separated When We Sleep in Separate Bedrooms?

My husband and I live in the same house but sleep in separate bedrooms for the past 10 months, with no intimacy for four months. In order to not avoid the other 5 grounds for divorce, he would like to separate for one year before filing. Is it possible to apply the 10 months of not sleeping together to the 12 months, thereby we only need to wait 2 months. To my knowledge, no pa...

07/24/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: New York   |   #17795

Is It Possible to be Divorced and Not Know It?

Is it possible that a person does not even know that the other spouse has already divorced you and you not even know it? This would eliminate any division of properties that the person that knew and purchased properties would not have to divide the profits, because when the actual divorce happens only one person knows that they really are not married and documents that show th...

07/20/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: California   |   #17674

What Are My Rights in a Florida Divorce?

I am married to a canadian and we have property involved, no kids. We got married in October of last year on the 25th. He has his own business in Canada and I have been unable to work due to the not being a citizen. I am a nurse by trade. What rights do I have to collect alimony? Can I force him into paying my attorney's fees if I file for the divorce?

07/20/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Florida   |   #17673

How is Property Divided in Pennsylvania Divorce?

I have been separated for 2 years and going through a divorce. My car just died and I need to get another one. Can I buy a car in my name or will it be considered property of the marriage and run the risk of losing the car in the settlement?

07/20/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: Pennsylvania   |   #17662

How Do I Object to a Property Settlement in California Divorce?

In my divorce papers A clause states that I have no right to object to Quasi community property when divorce is final. Never got my final papers until divorce was final. Now what.

07/19/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: California   |   #17651

Can I Sue for Alienation of Affections in California?

I have COPD. Up until last October, my husband and I got along great. I could not have sexual relations with him because of my COPD. In January 2009 out of the blue he said our marriage was over. I asked him if there was someone else; he lied to my face. The end of March early April he started living with a woman 20 years his junior. She is from another state. He use to travel ...

07/05/2009   |   Category: Divorce   |   State: California   |   #17333
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