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What happens to our house when we as an unmarried couple split up?

Hello. I live in Texas. I bought a house with my boyfriend in March 2011. We have since split up and he has moved out. Both our names are on the mortgage and title. He paid the closing/down payment costs of $24,000. He paid them because I still have my house for sale in New York and wasn't in a position to pay. He is now demanding that I give him his money back. I have a 6 yea...

08/12/2011   |   Category: Real Property   |   State: Texas   |   #25321

Can I lend buyer of my home the closing costs and have them repaid with interest?

I'm selling a house, using your forms. The buyer is financing through a lender and has limited funds for closing. I have agreed to pay closing costs and the buyer has agreed to pay me 6500 over four years at 11.15% interest. That arrangement would be separate from the sales contract and separate from the original funding source (the lender). Is this legal?

06/24/2011   |   Category: Real Property   |   State: Michigan   |   #25090

Can a life tenant evict a renter on the property or collect the rent for herself?

My sister died July 25, 2010. I have a life estate in the home property. The trustees will not let me in the home. There is a renter in guest house and they are collecting rent. When do I get to move in and where does rent go? The home utilities are all one.

02/24/2011   |   Category: Real Property   |   State: Arizona   |   #24293

Who Pays for Closing Bridge in Iowa?

We have a farm in a drainage district .County wants to close road due to bridge.Iowa code468.108 states board of supervisor shall move, build, or rebuild it, paying the cost , from county funds. Is this true

02/09/2011   |   Category: Real Property   |   State: Iowa   |   #24188

Can a tenant claim a right of first refusal as an equitable interest?

Could a first right of refusal be claimed by the tennant as an equitable estate and recorded at the court house with an Affidavit of equitable interest if not what is the correct form

01/21/2011   |   Category: Real Property   |   State: Kansas   |   #24058

Do I need to secure a release of liability for demolition?

I am the manager of an apartment building. The owner has asked me to secure a release of liability from the owner of the neighboring apartment building who has refused to participate in the the demolition of the fence and plant matter that has grown between the vertical slats and horizontal stringers of the fence so the fence has become so distorted that no posts or slats are 9...

01/21/2011   |   Category: Real Property   |   State: California   |   #24049

What can be done to require cemetery to properly record burial plot deed?

I purchased 4 burial plots at a cemetery in a rural area in Illinois. After receiving my deed I phoned the recorders office at Vermilion County and the recorder checked the Vo. and page number referenced on my deed, and found that page was blank. There is a Cemetery committee that is responsible for and the person that seems to be the person that takes care of issues does not u...

11/04/2010   |   Category: Real Property   |   State: California   |   #23561

What forms do we need to transfer our father's home to our brother?

My father passed away five years ago, without a will or trust. My siblings and I would like to transfer my father's home to my brother. What are the appropriate steps/forms that we need to complete this transaction. Thanks

10/15/2010   |   Category: Real Property   |   State: Texas   |   #23399

What form do I need to leave my house to my son and avoid probate?

If I leave my house to my son using a Enhanced Life Estate Grant Deed will he avoid Probate and receive the house at a stepped up basis ?

10/14/2010   |   Category: Real Property   |   State: California   |   #23391

What deed do I need?

I am married, however, I own a condo individually which is unencumbered (free and clear). I have a Warranty Deed and title insurance on the property. I would like the condo to pass to her upon my death to avoid the hassle and expense of Probate. My wife and I jointly own our home which is also free and clear therefore, the condo is not my legal Homestead. I would like the o...

10/14/2010   |   Category: Real Property   |   State: Florida   |   #23390
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