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What options do I have to defend myself against a littering charge in South Carolina?

I was driving down the free way, smoking a cigarette, when it burned my finger, and instinctively dropped it. I received a 470.00 fine with a mandatory court date next month. I really don't see the punishment fitting the crime, especially because I didn't mean to drop the butt. Is there anything I can do to Possibly get the fine reduced or possibly duped. This is my first offen...

09/23/2010   |   Category: Criminal   |   State: South Carolina   |   #23243

How Can I Get Records of an Internet Service Provider?

Recently I received 2 anonymous messages sent from made-up people to my Facebook account informing me that my husband was cheating. I have filed a complaint with the local police authorities and now three weeks have gone by and I have not heard anything from the detective who is working the case. I was wondering if there was anything else I could do to make this process faster...

08/17/2010   |   Category: Criminal   |   State: New York   |   #22940

What is the Law on Burglary and Violation of Probation?

I have been charged with residential burglary, 2 counts of violating a no contact order, violation of probation. I went to court and I plead guilty at my first arraignment so it was continued. Now I'll have a omnibus hearing then I will have a pre trial conference before I go to trial. Now what should I do or is there any advice that you can give me? I live in the state of Was...

07/05/2010   |   Category: Criminal   |   State: Washington   |   #22589

Does the Son of Sam Law Apply if I Write a Book About a Crime?

if I write a book that involves the criminal life of a close relative, who also helps me with the book but is not paid, does the son of sam law apply to me? The court is in Chicago. The crime also has links to Phila., NYC and to other countries.

06/01/2010   |   Category: Criminal   |   State: Pennsylvania   |   #22289

Do I Have a Duty to Report a Plan for Murder?

My boss spoke of desiring to kill his old boss, graphically describing it. He spoke of killing a couple of people in the corporate office and in the same conversation said he was going to order a semi-automatic 308 gun. Later that same day he called the gun company and discussed ordering it. Because of this and other actions I became very afraid of him. I told the plant man...

05/23/2010   |   Category: Criminal   |   State: Texas   |   #22199

Can A Prisoner Be Denied Exercise and Visitation?

I was incarcerated 80 days no exercise no daylight. Lights on 24 hrs a day. Toilet out in the open with camera facing it. I was in a car accident closed head injury and fibromyalgia severe pain with migraines only let me take anti depressants so I had withdrawal from other meds. I really feel not being aloud to see outside or leave the room other than 1 day a week for visitatio...

05/13/2010   |   Category: Criminal   |   State: Michigan   |   #22105

How Can I Settle With a Person Threatening Me With a Criminal Complaint?

My 12 year old son was involved in breaking in to a vacate home. He and other kids in the neighborhood thought it would be fun to have a clubhouse. Anyway, they did damage to the entry door and kitchen cabinets. The police were called and only two boys were caught in the house. The police could not contact the owner so no official report was filed; however, there is some re...

05/13/2010   |   Category: Criminal   |   State: Nevada   |   #22098

What can a defendant do if he's getting inadquate representation from a public defender?

I am a retired career military policeman. I ran a jail and have been an investigator. The UCMJ is very strict regarding pre-trail confinement and access to counsel.I have relative in the Saint Tammany Parish Jail. He has been in pre-trail status since 23 Jan 2010. He has seen his public defender twice. Once when he stood up and said, 'Not guilty.' The second time at a bail ...

05/06/2010   |   Category: Criminal   |   State: Louisiana   |   #22034

What is the Statute of Limitations for Rape in California?

I was raped during a massage by a 'friend' I was given Vicodin for I was injured in an accident. I didn't report it to my attorney until after a year.. what is the statue? I got injured physically but still psychologically and still now 2 and half years later haven't kissed a man or even lay together. I need trauma therapy and want to get some financial help from the abuser?...

04/28/2010   |   Category: Criminal   |   State: California   |   #21931

How is the Crime of Indecent Liberties Proven in North Carolina?

What kind of evidence is required to get someone charged for indecent liberties? My son was charged with this crime, and he said he is not guilty. He is 28 and has never been in jail for . The girl who said this is between the age of son has 3 kids of his own.

04/13/2010   |   Category: Criminal   |   State: North Carolina   |   #21762
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