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Should I Remove My name on a Joint Account With My Spouse if I Owe Money?

I recently had a judgement filed against me. I am also a back-up signer on my wife's business account. Should I remove my name on the account?

06/14/2011   |   Category: Debts and Credit   |   State: Pennsylvania   |   #25023

How Do I Find Out if a Debt Collector is Trying to Collect a Debt Discharged in Bankruptcy?

6 years ago Default Judgment On small balance credit card that A predator used without permission 6 years ago garnishment was started But immediately dismissed I do not know if it was due to the U.S. Independent Inspector General who had fined the attorneys for illegally discharging the predator's fraudulent debt and conspiring to repeatedly perpetuate the career of...

04/27/2011   |   Category: Debts and Credit   |   State: Oklahoma   |   #24734

What Property is Exempt From Creditors in Washington?

I was in an accident (my fault) although my ins was 3 people 100,000 each, two people will be over 100,000. I am disabled and collect a small pension from my late husband. I also own my house out right and have an IRA. What is protected? I am afraid of losing my house and it is the only thing that keeps me going as I spend 99 % of my time here.

04/27/2011   |   Category: Debts and Credit   |   State: Washington   |   #24732

How can I place a lien on someone either against their assets?

How can I place a lien on someone either against their assets or just have the lien filed so the person cannot acquire a credit card or obtain a loan? I had a verbal agreement with this person that they would reimburse me for payment made on their cell phone account. The amount I am owed is approx. $350.00 and to date the person has not paid me anything. This situation has be...

04/01/2011   |   Category: Debts and Credit   |   State: New York   |   #24544

How can I get my niece to pay back money she owes us?

More than 5 years ago but less than 10, my nice borrowed $3,000 from us for her wedding. She promised to pay us back within 6 months but, when time came to pay back, her new husband told us that 'blood-related' people in his book did not need to pay this type of loan! We disagreed with him but he would not discuss it further. He is a police officer in Dallas and twice my size, ...

03/30/2011   |   Category: Debts and Credit   |   State: Texas   |   #24538

How can I defend against getting sued by a third party debt collector?

I am being sued by third party debt collecotor about 3 year old credit card debt, how can I defend this? First notice of suit was order of hearing may 16

03/28/2011   |   Category: Debts and Credit   |   State: Minnesota   |   #24514

If I am settling a credit card debt, can they also get a judgment against me?

I am trying to settle a credit card debt with a law office. I agreed to pay a down payment and then monthly payments until the debt is over 11,00.00 is paid. In return they agreed to stop the interest accruing at the rate of 18%. I received the papers in the mail to agree but they sent me two types of papers. One states our agreement that if I pay the down payment (which I did)...

03/17/2011   |   Category: Debts and Credit   |   State: Arizona   |   #24434

Can a Creditor Collect After a Debt Has Been Charged Off?

Can credit card debts for an LLC that are charged off, can the credit card companies come after you personally 2 or 3 years after charged off? I have no liens or judgments on any of my credit reports. I never bankrupted! Any monies or assets sometime in the future from a will in danger of being attached.

03/16/2011   |   Category: Debts and Credit   |   State: Louisiana   |   #24424

Can a Joint Owner Be Liable for the Other Owner's Non-Mortgage Debts?

How does a 2004 signed and authorized Quit Claim Deed and situation of Joint Tenancy with full rights of survivor ship have on the debts of one of the joint tenants if they die? Are the surviving joint tenants responsible for that parties non mortgage debts?

03/14/2011   |   Category: Debts and Credit   |   State: Michigan   |   #24402

Can Creditors Sue Me if I Only Collect Social Security and a Pension?

My only source of income is social security and a pension. They total $1746 a month. I have no bank account.I lost my home to foreclosure about 6 years ago.I have no stocks, or assets of any kind. Credit card company turned my charged off account over to a legal firm that is one big collection agency. I told them of my situation, and they are going to file suit anyway. Can...

03/03/2011   |   Category: Debts and Credit   |   State: Missouri   |   #24334
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