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Can I Change My Wife's Children's Names Without Adopting Them?

I married a woman from the Philippines, with her 2 children. Ages: 12 & 10. They Have resided at present address since their arrival. Children attend local school and church. All 3 have Green Cards and Social Security Numbers. The childrens (Paternal) Father from the Philippines is deceased, since 2001. We have all documents and papers ; Births, K-1&2 visa papers, school record...

07/20/2010   |   Category: Name Change   |   State: Florida   |   #22713

How Do I Get a Certificate of Name Change?

In 1997 I changed my last name from my step father (deceased) to my birth name. my ss# carried both names and the ss. office just changed my present last as the primary # I sent the form to the appropriate bureaus, IRS, license credit etc, and all was accepted. but for my military records, they are requesting a 'certificate of name change', how can i obtain this, seeing there ...

07/19/2010   |   Category: Name Change   |   State: Texas   |   #22701

Can I Change My Child's Name in New York Without the Father's Consent?

My child is 5 months old and his biological father is on the birth certificate and the child has his fathers last name. I would like to change his last name to mine considering the fact that the father suffers from the depression and anxiety is never there for the child and would not even let me get the passport for the baby. I have two questions: can I legally change the whol...

06/26/2010   |   Category: Name Change   |   State: New York   |   #22484

Does The Father Who Molested the Child Need to Consent to a Name Change?

My 17 year old daughter would like to change her last name to her step-fathers last name. her biological father is incarcerated for molesting her and she does not want anything to do with him, can she change her name without his consent?

05/24/2010   |   Category: Name Change   |   State: Texas   |   #22214

How Do I Change the Name of My Child to My Remarried Name in New York?

What are the laws on a minor name change, I was never married to his father and I gave him his fathers last name, now I am expecting another child and about to be married and I would like my son to have the same last name as us, he doesn't see his dad at all, his dad hasn't looked for him in two years, the only father my son knows is my fiance, my son is now 2 1/2 yrs old.

05/13/2010   |   Category: Name Change   |   State: New York   |   #22097

How Do I Chande the Name on Immigration Papers to Enlist in the Army?

My sons birth certificate had a middle name spelled with a A (his citizenship from Guatemala had one with a O) which one do I change and how? My son wants to join the Army he can't while all his legal documents have different spellings please help us. We think we can just change the social security easily just not sure on the birth certificate or the citizenship papers. Thanks

05/02/2010   |   Category: Name Change   |   State: Massachusetts   |   #21982

Can I Use Both My Remarried name and Former Husband's Name?

I am getting married soon and want to keep my deceased husband's name along with taking my new name. I don't want to hyphenate or be referred to by both. I want it to keep the connection between me and our children. I want to be able to sign both but not be called both.

04/23/2010   |   Category: Name Change   |   State: Nebraska   |   #21896

How Can a Child in Texas Have a Birth Certificate Changed After Adoption by a Stepparent?

My matter is: my husband passed away 3 years ago. We had one 1 child. The child was 2 when this happened. He is now 5 and I just got remarried. My new husband (his stepfather) wants to adopt him. There is no one to contest this or get permission from since I am his mother and his biological father is deceased. I was also told I need to get the birth certificate amended with...

04/21/2010   |   Category: Name Change   |   State: Texas   |   #21866

How Do I Change Back to My Maiden Name in Missouri?

how do I start to change my name to my maidan name?

04/18/2010   |   Category: Name Change   |   State: Missouri   |   #21833

Can I Change My Name by Usage in Illinois?

I was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1954 with both parents being native born US citizens. My last name on my birth certificate is Brzuskiewicz. In 1962 when I started grade school my parents were already going by the name of Brush. So I am now 56 years old and all my idenification : Social security, drivers license, IRS records, medical records, school records, employment, credi...

04/13/2010   |   Category: Name Change   |   State: Illinois   |   #21768
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