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How to get a hardship drivers license after suspension in New Hampshire?

My license has been suspended that I gave my license to a student to purchase alcohol. To go to my workplace I need to get a hardship driver's license. Is it possible to get a license after suspension?

05/10/2017   |   Category: Drivers Lice... » Drivers Hard...   |   State: New Hampshire   |   #36957

How can a minor get a Driving License in California?

I live with my aged mother in California after my father passed away. She cannot walk as she is physically ill. There is a car in my house, but I don’t have a license. I turned 15 years now. Can I apply for a Driving License now so that I can take my mom to hospital in an emergency? Its very urgent. Somebody please tell me how can I get a DL in this state.

05/10/2017   |   Category: Drivers License   |   State: California   |   #36953

How to obtain a medical hardship license in Nevada for a minor?

My maternal grandmother suffers from severe bronchial asthma and she is unable to drive to the hospital for her weekly checkup. My mother is a single parent and she works. I am a 16-year-old high school student and I want to take the responsibility of taking my grandma to the hospital. In this circumstance am I entitled for a hardship driver's license?

05/10/2017   |   Category: Drivers License   |   State: Nevada   |   #36952

How a minor can obtain hardship license in Nebraska?

I am a15-year-old school student. Both my parents are working and too busy to drop me in school and tuitions. Above all, I missed most of my guitar classes too. So, I would like to have a hardship driver’s license. Am eligible to get the hardship license? What is the procedure involved in getting a license?

05/10/2017   |   Category: Drivers Lice... » Drivers Hard...   |   State: Nebraska   |   #36951

How can I revert my name to my name before adoption in Missouri?

Okay so I was adopted when I was eight and my adoptive parents changed my name is there anyway I could change my name back to my birth name. Also I am trying to find my younger brother how do I go about doing that?

05/10/2017   |   Category: Name Change   |   State: Missouri   |   #36948

How can I get a hardship license in Montana when the license is suspended under DUI?

My driver's license was suspended for the first time due to DUI. I approached the local DMV office to apply for a hardship license. They had asked me to attend an improvement program to get a hardship license. What is the process to get a hardship license?

05/10/2017   |   Category: Drivers Lice... » Drivers Hard...   |   State: Montana   |   #36947

How can I change my son's name in Iowa?

My son has his bio dads last name. He really wants Our entire families last name hyphenated with his current last name. how do I go about doing this in Iowa? I’m married and have other children with my current husband. our names all match. My son doesn't feel like a part of us.

05/09/2017   |   Category: Name Change   |   State: Iowa   |   #36944

What is the legal remedy to dispose an abandoned mobile home in North Carolina?

North Carolina - A mobile home has been abandoned for more than 10 years and has been condemned by the county. The mobile home is not attached to the land by deed or anything. The owner of the mobile home has been given notice to remove the mobile home over 30 days ago. What is our legal rights as property owners to get rid of the mobile home?

05/09/2017   |   Category: Abandoned Property   |   State: North Carolina   |   #36905

Does a good samaritan need parental consent to perform emergency first aid to a child?

Does a good samaritan need parental consent to perform emergency first aid to a child?

05/09/2017   |   Category: Helping People » Good Samarit...   |   State: Texas   |   #36897

Can I sell an abandoned vehicle in Oklahoma that has sold once, but still I have the title?

Sold a travel trailer to a lady 3 years ago. She never transferred title. The trailer got impounded. She contacted me, said I could have the trailer back if I would get it out of impound as long as she could get her belongings out of it. I spent $1100 and retook possession of the trailer from the impound lot. She then has tried to get me arrested for stealing the trailer. It is...

05/08/2017   |   Category: Abandoned Pr... » Vehicles   |   State: Oklahoma   |   #36855
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